STORYTIME is a large sculptural monolith that displays texts that tell stories about time. A playful clock of sorts, the piece changes its content every minute.

Using a mixture of literary quotes, references to past events, puzzles, astronomical information and contributions from community workshops and website submissions, we create thousands of unique definitions of time that will appear on the monolith. We will ask people for their quotes or memories about specific times, events, and momentous occasions in their lives to become part of the piece. A collective sign that changes with the seasons, with each moment, with passing clouds and the exact time of the day you met your lover.

The artwork consists of an enclosure made of black powder-coated steel and toughened glass with a white stone bench below. Behind the glass is a dot matrix of LEDs that spell the various texts. People can sit on the bench and it would appear that the texts above are, just maybe, about them.

The texts are very large, animate in a variety of ways, can be seen from a distance or read from close by. They are various, funny, ceremonial, witty or simple, nostalgic or hopeful. The piece invites multiple visits, conversation and active participation.

Storytime will be installed September 2016 in downtown Syracuse, NY, as part of the Connective Corridor Public Art initiative.